We sell custom apparel based on the MMO TERA.

Our content is all centered around the MMO TERA, or The Exiled Realms of Arborea. We have a combination of funny custom clothing and household goods as well as a curation of outfits inspired by the in-game costumes your characters are already wearing..



Never Ask for the Crit Cap, Glossy White Mug


*joins the discord, ignores the other channels and goes immediately to #general, asks “the question”*

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Willing To ERP Pretty Much Anything, Tank Top


Maybe you came from an RP server, or you just needed some extra gold and didn’t mind selling your digital body for a few minutes. Either way, if you know, you know.

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Smol and Beautiful, Samsung Case


Sometimes the best things come in smol packages.

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Level 70, Sticker


“70 is the new 65.” How long until 75… Whether you spent hours hunting for portals, caused the extinction of numerous species of BAMs, or “AFK” fished your way to the cap, it was a grind you’ll be happy to not repeat.

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Can’t Cleanse Stupid, Women’s Crop Tee


Remind your party members that some debuffs just can’t be removed.

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Animal / Cat Print Warm Winter Socks


Cat print cotton below the knee warm socks.

Hand wash cold, hang or line dry.

Note that the color may differ slightly from how you see it on your display.

Shipping Time Note

This item is imported and will take 14 to 21 days to ship. It will ship separately from non-imported apparel and will not slow down the rest of your order.

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All You Need Is RNGesus, Tank Top


Even though the success rate says 74%, you know you’re going to want to say a prayer to RNGesus just to be safe. If it fails? It’s okay, you can always try again.

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